Earth that once was… a dark reminder of an age where ancient civilizations once held meaning, purpose, an age long lost to the ravages of war, distrust, and evolution… yet these fears still hold true today, for history has thought us that nothing is darker than the hearts of men.

And as with every tale, it all begins with the illusion of hope…

The Awakening, a

The Genocide of a people that brought it’s culture to the brink of extinction.

The awakening invoked a scientific boom, in biology, infrastructure, and technology.

With new discoveries everyday, non more prolific than the Rachni species.

Where change and tyranny, held itself in the chaos.

That fast tracked itself to it’s own demise. Corruption and greed, a corner stone of every facet of living.

Built on the backs of noble, but wasted, sacrifice of the last alliance.

When the Rachni were re-engineered to be the next weapon of mass destruction.

Turning on it’s creators, and swarming the system.

A threat beyond the hope of any governing militia.

The extraterritoriality bestowed unto corporations to protect their own investments.

Engaging the new frontier of space, and interests to exploit.

The Icarus Affair: Chartered Law

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